How to change a LLAP device ID using Teraterm script

Note: after doing this I found you should be able to change the Device ID directly via the serial connection to the device using the AT command ATMY, so I guess that would be ATMYEB here.

You have to send an ack from the control node (usually your PC) within 1/10s of the a–STARTED– message showing up to config a LLAP node. That’s way too fast for me to type. I used Teraterm (the BSD licensed V4.75), which is a SSH and serial terminal program. It also supports scripting, and I used a previous version years and years ago in the old Win95 days.

Here’s a teraterm script to switch ORIGID to DEVID. Start Teraterm connected to your FTDI USB port

Start Teraterm in serial mode on your FTDI cable USB port


Power up a XRF on an XBBO board and connect to it via serial. Once it’s running and in range, ie you see the


message repeated five times when you power up your remote device, power off the device you want to configure. Start the macro,

How to start a Teraterm macro
How to start a Teraterm macro

Here’s the macro

; start of macro
dispstr #$1B"[2J"
dispstr 10 13 "a"ORIGID"ACK------"
send "a"ORIGID"ACK------"
pause 2
dispstr  10 13 "a"ORIGID"CHDEVID"DEVID
dispstr  10 13 "a"ORIGID"REBOOT---"
send "a"ORIGID"REBOOT---"
wait "a"DEVID"STARTED--"
dispstr  10 13 "a"DEVID"STARTED--"
; end of macro

Your device should be set to the new DEVID


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