Fairground roundabout and another sound recordist at Ipswich Maritime Festival

I was making a binaural recording of this fairground roundabout when another sound recordist arrived to get a clip from the ride itself – he asked if it was okay at the beginning of the clip.

The actual fairground organ is a recording played out of speakers either side of the organ facade. The giveaway, apart form no moving parts, was when the operator fiddled with the volume control 😉

fellow sound recordist on fairground ride
[audio:http://www.richardmudhar.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/120819-1014_maritime_recordist_eq_trm_LS100679.mp3|titles=Fairground Roundabout, Ipswich Maritime festival]


OK kids, knock it off before you end up in Casualty

An exasperated mother has to take a big kid and a little kid to task after Dad pushes his child’s scooter too fast. Overheard on the way to the Ipswich Beer festival by the docks.

[audio:http://richardmudhar.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/120816-1929_beerfestival_mum_says_no_LS100672.mp3|titles=Oi, knock that off before you end up in Casualty]