Thorpeness boats

The Meare at Thorpeness is only three feet deep and even a light breeze seems to rock these boats making a lot of noise.

A nice place in the summer – not so rammed with people as nearby Aldeburgh can be, and the boating lake is fun. Easy reach of the beach, too. The lake gets a good view of the whimsical House in the Clouds water tower

The Peter Pan-themed lake and the House in the Clouds are the creation of Scottish barrister Glencairn Stuart Ogilvie at the start of the 1900s

Urban birdsong – Brunswick Rd rec dawn chorus

Ipswich council did a nice job making this rec better for wildlife while keeping the facilities, and it’s a pleasant little oasis of birdlife. The birds are getting up earlier than the Sunday traffic on the ring road, this recording is a lovely piece of avian exuberance and joie de vivre.

Recording started at 5:30 am

Brunswick Road rec wildlife area

Fonnereau Way pedestrian level crossing

There’s something charming about the few pedestrian level crossings that take footpaths over the railway, reminders that the footpaths were here before the railways.

Network Rail have hated this one on the Fonnereau Way for a while, trying to close it in 2012 and now they are back for another bite of the cherry.

In an attempt to show how lethal these things are, or perhaps how much the pedestrians are in need of a Darwin award they have erected this panjandrum to bark out dire audio warnings about walking into the path of an oncoming train while you are glued to your phone, distracted by children and various other hazards.

Fonnereau way (Westerfield) pedestrian level crossing

I stood by the annunicator tripping the PIR sensor to get the full sequence of announcements this thing barks out at passers-by. (recording edited slightly to shorten dead space)

To be honest, if you don’t pick up that something is amiss when you see this

and hear this

then you’re tired of living and should spend all of your time in your phone, else go collect your Darwin award.

Network Rail is trying to harangue the local landowners into going along with their scheming

flyers posted by Network Rail’s henchmen

The Fonnereau Way has been used for a long time, although it’s been the subject of a fight when someone into horseyculture bought a property in 2009 at the Westerfield terminal, claiming to be all surprised there was a footpath there, trying to block it up and have it stopped on several occasions. Unsuccessfully, it appears. Nevertheless, Network Rail may yet succeed.

Waves at Hopton on the East Coast

The east coast has to be defended from the sea by placing massive rocks on the beach. Hopton is almost about as far east as you can get. The rocks make little inlets which make for an interesting soundscape, with the rattle of the pebbles against the long swoosh of the incoming waves, with some very low-frequency rumble from the rocks.

The sea at Hopton, Norfolk

Binaural recording


Bawdsey Quay

The sounds of summer at Bawdsey in the school holidays – a motorboat starts up and moves off, and then the passenger ferry arrives from Felixstowe Ferry

Bawdsey looking towards Felixstowe Ferry
Bawdsey looking towards Felixstowe Ferry


Bawdsey Beach
Bawdsey Beach

Bawdsey Beach

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A couple of jetskis in the distance and lots of people enjoying the summer sun