tech articles

Using Piezo Contact Mics right – these don’t have to sound tinny

Pinouts of connectors I use repeatedly

How to get LLAP sensor data to Xively using an OKG – overview

articles I’ve written for other people

Care and Feeding of Lead-Acid Leisure Batteries (2011)

Written for The Oak Tree – how to make your 12V lead acid batteries last longer

Solar Powered 12V lighting system (2011)

Written for Transition Ipswich – I actually use this at home and it has worked well across three midwinter solstices (when there is most demand and least sun)

Getting Started in Wildife Sound Recording (2006)

Written for the Wildlife Sound Recording Society(WSRS)

Nagra Ares-ML solid state recorder (2010)

Edirol R09HR recorder review (2009)

review for the WSRS

Minidisc – Mic Preamplifier Noise Measurements(2006)

MiniDisc – Mic Preamplifier Peak Level Measurements (2006)

Minidisc technical evaluations for the WSRS

Tascam HD-P2 review (2008)

review for the WSRS