Ipswich Sparrow Survey topping out and press event

RSPB Ipswich Local Group leader Chris Courtney and a group of our surveyors met up today at the Brunswick Road Recreation ground for a press event to celebrate the completion of the survey in 2016. (above pic is Chris (L) with Joe Underwood, Ipswich Parks and Wildlife ranger)

Chris Courtney, Ipswich RSPB Local Group leader, and Joe Underwood, Ipswich Parks ranger
Heatmap showing the density of sparrows in Ipswich

Naturally if you’re in the group being photographed you don’t get to take pics of the group 😉 It was good to meet up and put some names ot the faces of our sparrow surveyors from last year and talk with the rangers, who have improved this rec for wildlife.

Alanna, intrepid surveyor of seven Ipswich squares in 2016. Behind is the part of the rec that has been made more wildlife friendly by the rangers and another sparrow colony has been established.

The Sparrows of Ipswich 2016 report.